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Lone Star Task Force is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non profit first responder organization comprised of dedicated Texans from all professional backgrounds including current and former law enforcement, fire, ems, security, and military. Together LSTF personnel train in Search & Rescue and Emergency response to provide professional support and mutual aid to local , state, and federal agencies across the state of Texas.

Areas of Operations?

Primary base of operations is located in Montgomery County Texas with secondary staging locations in Harris County. LSTF provides support to agencies across the States of Texas and Louisiana.  

What We Do?

Lone Star Task Force focuses on three operational areas in which countless hours of training and certifications allow our teams to maintain operational readiness. With cross training our personnel we are able to transition throughout the progression of a small to large scale event to meet agency needs.




In addition to specialized search and rescue training, all Lone Star Task Force members have undergone background checks and have obtained First Aid/CPR/AED certification and have completed National Incident Management (NIMS) courses. 

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