Lone Star Task Force

"Serving Those Who Serve Us"


Search & Rescue / Emergency Response 

Whether it's a missing person or a natural or man made disaster we can provide assistance. We can provide rescue efforts using ground tactics, ATV/UTV teams, Flood Rescue Water craft, High water rescue vehicle, communications, medical and more. We strive to continue to grow as a organization and expand the ways we can provide mutual aid.  We are here to help rain or shine, night or day.

- Search & Rescue

- Flood / Swiftwater Rescue

-Evacuation Assistance

- High Water Rescue

- Natural and Man Made Disaster Response and Recovery

- Off-road Support / Recovery Vehicles

- Emergency Communication

- First Aid / Light Medical Triage

 - and more.......

Tactical Support Div.

We utilize tactics and training to provide professional support and mutual aid to local, state and federal law enforcement and governments. Communications, support to law enforcement in times of disasters, we will assist where we are needed. We are not affiliated nor are we security personnel. We do NOT provide security or protective services to the public. We provide volunteer mutual aid services to support agencies when requested and within the means of state and federal laws.

We are here to help in any way needed and we continue to train in the fields in which we provide assistance. We strive to utilize our continued training and to provide quality equipment to complete tasks in a professional and proficient manner.